(Photo credit: Drew Hood)

TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare, Plays & Players Theatre

Scenic design: Andrew Beal
Costume design: Becca Austin
Lighting design: Joe Glodek
Sound design & original music: Melissa Dunphy

Cast: David Millstone, Eric Scotolati, Melissa Dunphy, Jennifer Hutten, Meredith Rich, Catherine Palfenier, Jerry Rudasill, Julie Grega, Chris Morse, Sean Michael Bradley, Ryan Walter, Cyndi Janzen


"...the most chilling moments in Castellan’s production were the decollated heads presented in zip-lock bags, the Emperor addressing the crowds as “Gentle Romans,” and an unsuspecting audience member pulled onstage to be sentenced to hanging—effectively giving an immediate sense of the shockingly indiscriminate violence that is not limited to Antiquity. Caught the news lately?"          ~Debra Miller for CentralVoice Weblog (and theartblog.org)


"Liam Castellan’s low-budget, streamlined production successfully reveals character (and lack thereof, integrity-speaking), with marvelous moments of depravity"          ~Mark Cofta for CityPaper

”[Castellan] found a couple of funny and bizarre touches, such as delivering dismembered heads in plastic baggies.”          ~Toby Zinman for the Philadelphia Inquirer


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