(Photo credit: Elizabeth Newton)

CHURCH & STATE by Jason Odell Williams, Jewish Theatre of Bloomington

Scenic design: Bridgette Dreher
Costume design: Natasha Heines
Lighting design: Tony Stoeri
Sound Design: Macy Kloville

Cast: Stephen Hunt, Abby Lee, Tess Cunningham, Jonathan Golembiecki


“Liam Castellan directed, and among other things, I enjoyed his use of Williams’ characters trying to out-talk each other. Effective and realistic.”
“I don’t often get chills at the ends of plays, but I was nearly shivering Thursday night.” ~Connie Shakalis for the Herald-Times

“thoughtfully illuminating”
“Skillful and fluid direction is by Liam Castellan.” ~George Walker for WFUI.org


WFIU’s George Walker talks with cast members Stephen Hunt and Abby Lee

I was interviewed by Kirk Markey and Deke Hager for The Ryder magazine