(Photo credit: Amy Osajima)

THE EXONERATED by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen, IU Theatre mainstage

Scenic design: Jeremy Smith
Costume design: Chen Chen
Lighting design: Allen Hahn
Sound Design: Sheumais McHenry
Dramaturg: Kathryn de la Rosa (see her dramaturgy website HERE)

Cast: Ansley Valentine, Matthew Murry, Jolie Manning, Richkard Saint-Victor, Lee Martin, Nicholas Jenkins, Kevin Renn, Meaghan Deiter, Reid Francis Henry, Nicholas Munson

(photo credit: Jeremy Hogan)


     "[The] Exonerated at IU’s Wells-Metz Theatre is a wonderfully insightful character driven exploration of the worst ills of the criminal justice system."

     "potently dramatized stories"

     "Director Liam Castellan chose the play for its serious qualities, but he never forgets that its strength comes from the very reality of the characters and the full spectrum of their humanity. There’s action, violence, pain and suffering, and there’s also human warmth, humor and resilience."

~George Walker, WFIU


     "Director Liam Castellan has led a solid cast through a moving and engaging production."

~Matthew Waterman, HeraldTimesOnline/The Herald-Times



"Kevin On Campus", a YouTube video featuring footage from the show, hosted by cast member Kevin Renn

A local radio interview with director Liam Castellan, cast member Lee Martin, and WFIU's George Walker