(Photo credit: Ashley LaBonde, Wide Eyed Studios)

CORPSE! by Gerald Moon, Hedgerow Theatre

Scenic design: Zoran Kovcic
Costume design: Cathie Miglionico
Lighting & sound design: John Tiedeck

Cast: Carl Smith, Zoran Kovcic, Susan Wefel, Shaun Yates


     "wonderfully directed by Liam Castellan"

     "it has all the ingredients for a fun evening."         

~'Corpse!' provides more laughs than gore,  by Christina Perryman for Delco News Network


     "Castellan keeps the action brisk"

     "Castellan, a Rose Valley native, has created some wonderful bits of physical comedy in this loopy thriller"         

~Ellen Wilson Dilks for Stage Magazine


     "director Liam Castellan and his cast assuring the laughs while taking full advantage of all the clues and twists"

     "Castellan has chosen to keep Corpse!  light and loose, almost like a drawing room comedy with a crime involved. The approach works..."         

~Neal Zoren