Thank you for visiting the digital home of Liam Castellan, director and theatre artist.




~I will direct THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI by Bertolt Brecht as my thesis production in December, part of IU Theatre's Mainstage Season.  This play has been on my bucket list for almost 15 years, as an example of how a democracy can slide into dictatorship.  All with the dark comedy Brecht is well known for, and the suspense of a ripping good gangster story.






~I served as Director for Stages Bloomington's 2017 First Stages summer camp this past June.  I wrote and directed a half-hour script about shipwrecked pirates for 20 energetic 1st-through-4th-graders.  I also co-taught one of the elective classes on acting for some First Stages campers and some older kids from the Center Stages camp.  I had a blast.


~I was honored to direct "The Exonerated" by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen in IU's Wells-Metz Theater last December.  A university education should expose students to new points of view and a wide variety of people and experiences.  I think theatre can play an important part in that, especially with stories like the 6 real people exonerated from death row that are the leading characters of the show.


~My feature film acting debut is available for your viewing pleasure through Vimeo On Demand.  Only $2 to rent and $5 to own, with 100% of proceeds supporting the Philadelphia Dramatists Center and the Tennessee Stage Company (both organizations who developed the stage play that MAG MELL was based on).

MAG MELL explores the waning hours of two captive diplomats, as they fight with time deprivation, their own pasts, and each other.  Who's on the other side of that door?  Do they have the courage to find out?

          I've produced, directed and acted in several plays by Paul Leeper, including two productions of A CUCKOLD'S TALE, from which MAG MELL is adapted.  It was a thrill to finally get to co-star with Paul in one of his own projects.