Thank you for visiting the digital home of Liam Castellan, director and theatre artist.




~I will direct my thesis production (TBA) in IU Theatre's 201-2018 Mainstage Season.


          I am still available (and very willing to travel) during summer and holiday breaks for theatre projects.  Contact me and let's start a conversation.




~I was honored to direct "The Exonerated" by Jessica Blank and Erik Jensen in IU's Wells-Metz Theater last December.  A university education should expose students to new points of view and a wide variety of people and experiences.  I think theatre can play an important part in that, especially with stories like the 6 real people exonerated from death row that are the leading characters of the show.


~I had a blast studying abroad in London last summer.  Taught by IU's head of Design & Technology, Linda Pisano, "Costume & Character in London Theatre" was a fantastic opportunity.  We got backstage tours of museums, performance spaces and costume shops.


~In February 2016, I directed a workshop of BAD JOKE, a new one-act by Peter Gil-Sheridan, Visiting Assistant Professor of Playwriting and Screenwriting at IU.  Two cousins argue over a joke, with LGBT acceptance, free speech, and familial bonds hanging in the balance.  Peter was a fantastic collaborator, and I'm excited to see his plans unfold as it becomes a full-length play.


~I had the privilege of serving as Assistant Director to faculty member Dale McFadden on a fantastic production ofHEDDA GABLER that kicked off the IU Theatre season.


~As I packed up my life in Philadelphia, I couldn't say no when New City Stage Company called.  In July directed a fantastic cast in a staged reading of "Casanova's Homecoming", a new adaptation by Heidi Riegler from Arthur Schnitzler's novella, "Casanova's Heimkehr".


~My feature film acting debut is available for your viewing pleasure through Vimeo On Demand.  Only $2 to rent and $5 to own, with 100% of proceeds supporting the Philadelphia Dramatists Center and the Tennessee Stage Company (both organizations who developed the stage play that MAG MELL was based on).

MAG MELL explores the waning hours of two captive diplomats, as they fight with time deprivation, their own pasts, and each other.  Who's on the other side of that door?  Do they have the courage to find out?

          I've produced, directed and acted in several plays by Paul Leeper, including two productions of A CUCKOLD'S TALE, from which MAG MELL is adapted.  It was a thrill to finally get to co-star with Paul in one of his own projects. 


~Directors Gathering invited me to participate in "DG Gym", an ongoing workshop series where three directors bring their own actors and materials, and share space for a few hours as they wrestle with a specific question they want to explore.  Free space, without the pressure of a classroom or an opening night, is truly a gift.  I'm very grateful to my cast for being generous with their time, and helping me look at a scene from a British novel I'm adapting.  We experimented with physical comedy, specifically looking at the vocabulary of silent film, and whether the sped-up frame rate we're used to (because silent movies were filmed at a slower frame rate than we watch them today) is useful on stage without strobe lights or special effects.


~I was invited to observe Greek director and master teacher Theodoros Terzopolous, for a 10-day workshop in January hosted by the Wilma Theater.  I got to see his powerful physical/vocal training method used in his own Attis Theatre" at Delphi.


~I served as assistant director for Arden Theatre Company's production of GREAT EXPECTATIONS, directed by Associate Artistic Director Matt Decker.  I was responsible for directing understudy rehearsals, in addition to assisting on the full production.  The production was extended through December 21st.


~I directed Alan Ayckbourn's time-travel comedy/thriller COMMUNICATING DOORS at Hedgerow Theatre, which closed October 5th, 2014. 


~Mekki Leeper, the director of MAG MELL, directed me in a music video of the Asher Roth song, "Outside".  Watch it here.