"[The] Exonerated at IU’s Wells-Metz Theatre is a wonderfully insightful character driven exploration of the worst ills of the criminal justice system."

"potently dramatized stories"

"Director Liam Castellan chose the play for its serious qualities, but he never forgets that its strength comes from the very reality of the characters and the full spectrum of their humanity. There’s action, violence, pain and suffering, and there’s also human warmth, humor and resilience."

~George Walker, WFIU


"Director Liam Castellan has led a solid cast through a moving and engaging production. At no point during the 100-minute performance did I find myself wishing for an intermission."

~Matthew Waterman, HeraldTimesOnline/The Herald-Times


ADDITIONAL PRESS/PROMOTION: YouTube episode of "Kevin On Campus", and a local radio interview featuring director Liam Castellan and actress Lee Martin



"a rousing rendition [...] Director Castellan has paced his production well. COMMUNICATING DOORS is a delicate balancing act between farce and thriller, and Castellan never tips the scales too far in one direction [...]  a terrific production."          ~Ellen Wilson Dilks for Stage Magazine Online


"Castellan keeps things taut and tense [...] Castellan and his cast are to be cheered for the clarity andurgency they give each revelation and ensuing dilemma in playwright’s adeptly woven story [...] Liam Castellan has fashioned a delightful yet tension-fraught production that shrewdly brings out all that Ayckbourn packs into his play. The suspense is particularly tickling, and there are moments when it percolates to a point of being enjoyably unbearable."          ~Neal Zoren



"Friel and director Liam Castellan turn the play's farcical absurdities [...] into affecting moments of discovery. As in Orton's plays, the silly events are meaningful, and vice-versa."          ~Mark Cofta for CityPaper


"exquisitely delicate direction"          ~Jessica Foley for



"wonderfully directed by Liam Castellan [...] it has all the ingredients for a fun evening."          ~'Corpse!' provides more laughs than gore,  by Christina Perryman for Delco News Network


"Castellan keeps the action brisk [...] Castellan, a Rose Valley native, has created some wonderful bits of physical comedy in this loopy thriller"          ~Ellen Wilson Dilks for Stage Magazine


"director Liam Castellan and his cast assuring the laughs while taking full advantage of all the clues and twists [...] Castellan has chosen to keep Corpse!  light and loose, almost like a drawing room comedy with a crime involved. The approach works..."          ~Neal Zoren



"...the most chilling moments in Castellan’s production were the decollated heads presented in zip-lock bags, the Emperor addressing the crowds as “Gentle Romans,” and an unsuspecting audience member pulled onstage to be sentenced to hanging—effectively giving an immediate sense of the shockingly indiscriminate violence that is not limited to Antiquity. Caught the news lately?"          ~Debra Miller for CentralVoice Weblog (and


"Liam Castellan’s low-budget, streamlined production successfully reveals character (and lack thereof, integrity-speaking), with marvelous moments of depravity"          ~Mark Cofta for CityPaper



"Director Liam Castellan's production moves briskly [...] guiding an energetic cast who articulate Orton's devious wit well. "          ~Mark Cofta for CityPaper


"The excellent Mr. Castellan’s input makes sure this romp runs smooth while walking the highwire sans net. [...] As for the ringmaster of this circus, Liam Castellan works nothing short of magic with this cast [...] Mr. Castellan’s work is quite inspired in his approach to the text."          ~R.B. Strauss for University City Review